About Dr. Ming-Wei Wu

Dr. Ming-Wei Wu received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego and, in 1999, his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Western University in Pomona, California. From 1999 until 2004, Dr. Ming-Wei Wu was in residency as a general surgeon at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway, New York, and then completed a fellowship in laparoscopic and bariatric surgery at the Community General Osteopathic Hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Dr. Wu relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2005, working first at the Surgical Weight Control Center as a bariatric surgeon before opening a private practice for general and wound surgery in 2006.

Dr. Ming-Wei Wu is now a solo practitioner who performs inpatient and outpatient surgeries. His main focus is on wounds, which includes skin grafts, amputations, excisional debridement, general wound care, and negative-pressure wound therapy. He practices at Southern Hills Hospital, Southern Nevada Surgical Center, many nursing homes, and HealthSouth Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Wu also works with over 20 home health agencies, serving homebound and debilitated patients.

Additionally, Dr. Wu is an associate clinician at Touro University in Las Vegas. He lectures on various topics related to general surgery and wound care. As the past president of the Las Vegas Chinese Medical Association, he led an organization that provides medical education and care to the Chinese community, especially those who speak limited English.

Dr. Ming-Wei Wu currently lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Dr. Julie Wu, a primary care physician, as well as his three children.

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