Dr. Ming-Wei Wu on the Use of Santyl® Ointment in Wound Treatment

A licensed Doctor of Osteopathy, wound care expert Dr. Ming-Wei Wu maintains a thriving private practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. Also a spokesman for research and development company Healthpoint Biotherapeutics, he promotes the enzymatic ointment Santyl®.

Officially known as Collagenase Santyl® Ointment, this product is used in debriding severe burns and chronic dermal (skin) ulcers. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Santyl® uses collagenese enzymes to liquefy the fibers within necrotic (dead) tissue. The dead tissue then separates from the wound and washes away smoothly with the routine wound cleansing process.

Debridement, or removal of dead tissue and its related debris, has proven a critical step in the healing of a wound. Santyl® supports this process, as it makes the dead tissue easier to remove while preserving the nearby granulation tissue that helps the wound to heal. Santyl® can be applied at home by the patient, making it a convenient as well as an effective tool in wound care.

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