Why the American Board of Wound Management Matters

Dr. Ming-Wei Wu is a member of the American Board of Wound Management. The American Board of Wound Management is a professional organization for health care providers who specialize in wound treatment, including surgeons like Dr. Wu who specialize in wound care surgery.

The Board was originally formed by a group of professional specialists who saw a need for an organization that would help them better care for their patients—people who suffer from serious and/or chronic wounds of all types. With the power of a membership organization, the Board members are able to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in wound treatment medicine and technology, and to network easily to share information.

The American Board of Wound Management has also established certification levels for those who specialize in wound care. The Board offers three different certificates, each designed for a specific class of healthcare worker. The Certified Wound Care Associate designation is meant for workers with at least three years of experience in wound treatment, but not necessarily any formal training; the Certified Wound Specialist designation is for licensed healthcare professionals who have three years of wound treatment experience plus an academic degree, including nurses and physicians; and the Certified Wound Specialist Physician certificate is offered to doctoral-level healthcare professionals who have already received a Certified Wound Specialist designation.

By providing professional peer oversight to the field of wound care and management, the American Board of Wound Management confers many benefits on its members. Furthermore, it helps patients select the best healthcare professional to treat their wound, since membership and certification both denote a certain level of guaranteed professionalism. To find out more about the Board and what it represents, visit the AAWM website at http://www.aawm.org.

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